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Rank: 51 In: 1 Out: 1103 Prev: 267
Description: Do you give a fuck or are you just looking for a pretty boy?

Turn Ons: art, music, film, darkness, intelligence.

Turn Offs: everything and nothing

Rank: 52 In: 1 Out: 3466 Prev: 146
Description: live cam & videos of mostly me and & and some friends. gothic, bondage, sexy clothes, & some nudity

Turn Ons: rain, dancing, sex, sleeping in.

Turn Offs: not many...

Rank: 53 In: 1 Out: 2019 Prev: NA
Description: All about Rachel

Turn Ons: long haired guys, metal, dark hair, dark eyes

Turn Offs: anything else

Rank: 54 In: 1 Out: 2587 Prev: 80
Description: The Girl Least Likely To ...

Turn Ons: The Smiths, horror films, photography, spooky toys, spinning records

Turn Offs: sociopaths, liars, drama queens, male chauvinists

Rank: 55 In: 1 Out: 129 Prev: NA
Description: tattooed, spoiled, metal head girl takes over the world by pwning one noob at a time

Turn Ons: money, sugar daddies, fast cars, heavy metal, tough guys, tattoos, violence

Turn Offs: cry babies, stupid people, arrogance (other than my own)

Rank: 56 In: 1 Out: 59 Prev: 300
Description: just go visit my site mmkay....

Turn Ons: tongue-piercings :P and my boyfriend... naked... in bath... with me!!

Turn Offs: many many things!

Rank: 57 In: 1 Out: 652 Prev: NA
Description: see for yourself

Turn Ons: boys in tight pants. body mods.

Turn Offs: liars. 'wiggers'.

Rank: 58 In: 1 Out: 1536 Prev: 175
Description: Just a girl who loves visual kei and her fiance Xtopher...

Turn Ons: My fiance Xtopher, gothic lolita asians, sleeping...

Turn Offs: You and too many other things to list...

Rank: 59 In: 1 Out: 302 Prev: NA
Description: 18 cam girl with members site.. come check it out!

Turn Ons: sexy guys. money. nice teeth.

Turn Offs: bad teeth, bad bo..

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